Good Rockland county criminal defense

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A defendant who pleads guilty or is handed a guilty verdict after trial will be sentenced or punished according to the penalties fixed by applicable criminal law. If both sides had previously entered into a plea bargain agreement, the judge may impose punishment based on its terms or take into account other factors before fixing the defendant’s sentence.


Rockland county criminal defense

Negotiating a plea bargain and presenting favourable circumstances in evidence are effective sentencing strategies by a criminal defence lawyer. Melbourne judges may choose from several sentencing options to promote rehabilitation of the offender while reducing the strain of overcrowded jails.

Purpose of sentencing

The objectives of sentencing are the following:

to ensure that the offender is adequately punished for the offence
to prevent crime by deterring would-be offenders from committing the same act
to protect the community from the offender
to promote rehabilitation of the offender
Sentencing options

Courts may impose any of the following sentences on guilty offenders:

dismissal and conditional discharge
deferred sentence
payment of a fine

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