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There are additives that you can add to your system which aid the flushing process and increase the amount of Iron Oxide you get out. There is also a relatively new product on the market which, once installed onto your system, acts as a magnet for the iron oxide and vastly improves the way your central heating system operates. It is installed onto the pipes of the system and costs around £100.


You may have a leak from the valves or you may wish to replace the old valves with new thermostatic valves, enabling you to control the heat output from each individual radiator, making them more efficient (because you are not wasting heat) and switching off radiators in unused rooms of the house. You may wish to relocate a radiator. These are all services that I provide.

Stop Taps are prone to leaking or failure. Repairing or replacing these is a service I provide.

I will supply and fit an outside tap for the special price of £50. No strings attached, just a good old fashioned bargain!

If you would like to change your bathroom suite or have damaged your bath/toilet/sink and want it replacing, I can help you source replacement parts and install them at a very fair price.

Whether it be bathroom floor and/or walls or kitchen walls you want tiling, I have the expertise and the equipment to make a nice clean job at a very fair price.

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