LA Real Estate Agent Questions

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LA Real Estate Agent Questions

Question: Who are some of your past clients hat I can call as references? These references will be able to give you more information about their experience working with the real estate agent. You should definitely make these calls if you thinking about using that particular real estate agent. Ask the references for their satisfaction in working with the agent. Also find out if there was anything about the real estate agent’s working style that they did not like. Having both the good and the bad will allow you to make a well informed decision.


Question: How will we communicate? You need to know how and how often the real estate agent plans to communicate with you. Since there are so many different methods of communication, you need to know which one you should be paying the most attention to for updates from your real estate agent. You need to hear from your real estate agent at least once a week. In some instances daily communication is not necessary, but somewhere in between will be a happy medium for the two of you.

Once you know the right questions to ask a real estate agent, it will be easier for you to interview them and make a decision on the best one for you.

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