Multi Line Phone Systems

Multi-Line Phone Systems For Small Businesses

Multi-line phone systems make great small business phone systems as they offer good capacity and flexibility in operations.

Features of Multi-Line Phone Systems For Small Business Users

A good multi-line phone system will provide a rich and clear voice quality, efficient call routing and screening and include a caller ID display. When desired, it should also incorporate a built-in voice answering system with easy voicemail retrieval. Other important features include auto attendant so calls are easily routed to the correct person without needing a receptionist, paging, intercom conversations, call transfers, conference call set-up, fax line accommodation and more. The multi-line phone system also needs to be easy to install, maintain and cost-effective.

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On this website, we will be discussing various set-ups suitable as large or small business phone systems, homes or home offices.

Basic 2 Line Phone Systems To 4 Line Phone Systems

At a basic level, a smart multi-line phone system starts with a 2 line phone that could cost $50 or less. In a similar manner, you can set up a basic 4 line phone system where all 4 lines can be connected to a 4 line phone from brands like Panasonic, Nortel or Vtech. These phone systems can be expandable, so you can add on new phone units or handsets for each new employee. This makes for a great and easy home office phone system or small business telephone system.

With Bluetooth technology, you can set up a 2 line phone system that connects to both your landline and your cell phone lines. For small office and home office SoHo mobile professionals who are already using the cell phone as a business phone, this may be the easiest way. With a few simple steps, a cell phone is synced up via Bluetooth to a landline phone and it becomes a 2 line cordless phone system.

Multi-Line PBX Phone Systems – Widely Available For Small Office And Home Office Users


If you need to set up extension numbers for each employee, you need a Public Automated Branch Exchange, also known as a PABX or PBX system. These are systems that will come with auto-attendant and call routing functionalities. When someone calls, they can be prompted with a menu of options to continue. These are features were once associated mainly with large corporate phone systems for their expensive administrative costs. Today, they are widely available at reasonable costs through hosted and virtual PBX phone systems.

Traditional multi-line PBX phone systems involve the use of hardware, programming, and installation. A simpler alternative is to get a virtual PBX or hosted PBX phone system. Companies offering these services include Virtual PBX, Ring Central, and Speakeasy. Some will use voice over internet VoIP phone technology while others offer virtual PBX phone systems based on the traditional phone network.

Whether it is a traditional or virtual hosted PBX system, one of the main considerations is how many lines are needed for the business? For PBX phone systems with multiple extensions, the number of people who can make outbound calls at any one time will be limited by the number of phone lines available for the system.

Similarly, for inbound calls, if there are not enough lines, the person calling in may hear a busy signal. Voice over the Internet or VoIP virtual PBX systems are usually able to overcome the limitation of busy signals with their type of set-up.

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Multi-Line Voice Over Ip Phone System and VoIP PBX Phone Systems

A lot of phone calls today are being carried over internet protocol telephony, or IP telephony. Instead of the voice data being transferred over regular phone networks, they are routed through the internet. These are called Voice over IP Phone systems, or VoIP phone systems. The current level of voice quality is considered acceptable to great. The result is that commercial and home offices have lots of options for a low-cost multi-line phone system.

Just like the above example, you can set up multi-line VoIP phone systems easily. For a 2 line voice over IP system, subscribe to 2 VoIP line phone lines and connect them to a regular 2 line phone (eg. Panasonic 2 line cordless phone system).

Alternatively, you may need more call routing, extensions and menu options that can easily be set up through a VoIP PBX phone system. These systems are very popular and affordable these days. Some VoIP PBX systems require them to be subscribed directly through the VoIP line provider, while other are set up through 2 parties: the virtual hosted PBX solutions provider and a separate VoIP phone line company. Before you buy, browse through the information from these providers to understand their offerings.

Every small business and home office has its own specific needs for a phone communications solution. The ideal small business phone system will vary from business to business. So, prior to purchasing or testing out any system, the business manager needs to evaluate and shortlist the top items that are most critically sought after for an effective phone system.

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