Star Psychic Re-Opens

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Phone Psychic Business Re-Opens 

Star psychics was an instant hit 20 years ago with many celebratory psychics working for the business. It has recently re-opened and is having the trajectory as the previous owners had pointed the business in before they decided to re-name the business. From humble telephone psychic in Birmingham beginning’s the previous owners stumbled on management but kept high-quality readings as the number one priority. Eventually, the business was a success. Through certain changes in the economy, the business decided to change the brand name and plainly dump the name Star Psychic. 

Now under brand new management and after 5 years of laying dormant the business has been re-opened by a mystery owner who refuses to be named in public. Management of star psychic vow their business will in coming months be the number 1 platform for UK psychic readings. With big goals and large ambition, they have requited legendary sales guru Shan Nye and former head of marketing for BHP Noel Smidt to head this business in its re-opening.

Star Psychics Vow To Be Different

Noel Smidt when interviewed announced this will be the real deal. Also vowing no employee will have less than 7 years of psychic experience he also revealed to us the testing each clairvoyant who works for star psychics will have to undergo before employment.

“We have all had that experience in where we have called a dodgy phone psychic who really has no idea and is obviously just trying to stretch out the call for money. At Star Psychic we will focus on bringing customer satisfaction and honesty back to the UK premium phone billing industry,” said Noel Smidt

For too long fakes and scammers have been in this industry and if you ask the question we are sure you will hear every reader swear black and blue that they are a unique psychic who is only answering calls to help humanity. So it leaves the question who are you to trust for a phone psychic reading in the UK? Generally big-name business has strict guidelines about who they let answer the call and watchdogs monitor their business a lot heavier than the little guys. Vowing all clairvoyants and mediums who are employed at Star Psychics will have world-renowned names it is an opening that everyone in the psychic community is looking forward too and anticipating. Whether you are a believer or not their are some seriously big names behind the new business who are all saying the same thing that this business will set the benchmark for alternative and spiritual healing in the United Kingdom.


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