Top 5 Reasons To Use A Mobile Car Wash In London


Taking your car to a car wash to have it cleaned can be inconvenient and time -consuming. It means you have to stop whatever you are doing and interrupt your daily schedule to get your car washed. Sometimes you will have to wait in the line until it is your turn.

Mobile-car-washMobile car wash allows you to get your car cleaned at any place you are. It means that your car wash comes to you. A car professional arrives at your home or workplace, and you can continue doing your work. Mobile car wash allows you to clean your car at your scheduled time and place. Mobile car wash services have ensured that they can provide their services at any place this is because of their high-end equipment.

Personalized service

Cars are one of the expensive and precious properties that we own. People spend a lot of money buying a car they want. Thus taking care of your car is vital as it ensures durability. Washing your car is one way of ensuring that the car remains in perfect condition. You need to have your car cleaned the right way and by the right professional.

Mobile car wash gives you a personalized service. When you request for the service, it is only your car that gets serviced at that particular point. This gives you a chance to interact with the person cleaning your car, and they can wash it the way you want. You can supervise the service to ensure that it provided well. This is different from ordinary car wash where you are in a public area, and you cannot get personal attention for your car. Here cars are cleaned as per the cleaner’s instructions.

Saves money

Most mobile car washes are affordable as they compete with others to provide quality service at a reasonable price. Since most of the services are online, you can compare the prices from the comfort of your home and choose the one that suits you. Mobile car washes provide detailed pocket -friendly packages. You can choose a service provider you like to clean your car regularly. Having to drive your car to your local car wash also means spending because you are using fuel. With mobile car wash, the cleaners come to you, so you don’t use your fuel at any point.

Eco-friendly option

Most mobile car washes use the steam cleaning method. This is a very friendly environmental method since it saves water and you can still have your car shinning even when there is drought. When washing cars with water, many gallons are used and this a waste. Steam cleaning reaches the deepest corners of your car interior. This ensures that you kill all the bacteria and germs. Vital parts of your car are also cleaned, and this minimizes the possibility of accidents from dysfunctional car parts.

Advance scheduling of car wash.

Mobile car wash allows you to schedule cleaning service in advance. After you have scheduled it, you don’t have to remember the date or time because the professional will remind you and will come to wherever you are. It is common for people to forget about washing their cars especially the interior part. With mobile car wash, you are always reminded, and your car will be cleaned regularly.

Cars need to be cleaned regularly for safety and durability. However, with the busy schedules, people do not always remember to get the car wash regularly. That is why the mobile car wash comes in handy because you can schedule car washing time in advance.

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The One Stop Shop for office relocation

  • There are several reasons for a business to move from one place to another. The reasons could include expansion, downscaling and change of location among others.
  • Office relocation can be a daunting task for the employer and the employees especially if it is a large firm. With such companies, it is advisable to do the relocation in several cycles. It is recommended that you go for advanced planning with a one stop shop for office relocation.
  • Relocation companies do differ; however, they should provide high quality service and personalised attention. They should strive to create an experience that will keep their clients coming back.
  • Before hiring an office relocation service provider, check whether they meet your requirements and can fulfil your office relocation needs.

Outlined below are some of the features you should consider before engaging an office relocation company.

Project Management:

Project management is the key to any successful move. The service provider should take into account every detail of your move, giving each equal importance. They should also take time to ensure they fully comprehend the scope of your move, assessing all aspects from the relocation of furniture, to the tear-down and set-up of cubicles, to the disconnecting and re-connecting of computers, printers, servers and other technology equipment used by the business.


The labour, truck, equipment and warehouse resources should all be functional and in good condition. They should also guarantee that their competitive pricing will provide your business with value for its transportation cost.  Ensure that your cargo will be protected and arrives on time

Pre-move Support:

Ensure that they take the same care with pre-move preparations as the actual packing and crating of your items.  Here at Big Yellow Express, we cooperate with you to determine the packing solution that best fits your needs, from basic boxes to standard crates, or customised wood crating for special items such as paintings, sculpture and artwork.

Trucking and Transportation:

You should look for a full service organization. After packing your belongings, the removal company should be able to seamlessly transition into the transportation stage of your move, and then into the physical relocation of each and every box, piece of furniture, machines, and other equipment.

Follow Up After Relocation:

We always request a follow up review with you after completion of the move to ensure you are satisfied with every aspect of our moving services. Feel free to contact us for a range of post-move assistance services.

Office relocation can be done in a couple of ways, one is to request the staff carry the office equipment to the new location and another method is to hire experienced crews who exceptionally provide such kind of services. The best option is to consider hiring the latter since they have better understanding of how best to move office equipment with minimal loss or damage while at it.

Full List of Services found in an inclusive mover’s office

Managing a move or a project is hard enough without juggling multiple vendors. That’s why professional office movers should endeavour to be a one-stop relocation shop. They should handle every service and every detail so that you are left to just sit back and watch. Our services are completely customizable to fit your move and budget.

Below is a list of the common services that you will find at Big Yellow Express;


  • Free On-Site Estimate
  • Dedicated move coordination
  • Pre-move employee training
  • Pre-move materials and box delivery
  • Detailed destination floor plan and set-up map

Moving Services

  • Packing and unpacking services for everything transported
  • Custom crating services
  • Full inventories
  • Property protection, including floor & wall protection
  • Document destruction
  • Pre-move purging with our provided trash bins
  • Disposal of unwanted furniture and electronics
  • Recycling of furniture and electronics
  • Computer disconnection and reconnection
  • Reconfigure warehouses and shelving
  • Labour and trucks for project or event logistics
  • Modular furniture disassembly and installation
  • Server relocation
  • Rigging services for machinery and heavy equipment
  • Space planning
  • Project Management
  • Data room relocation
  • Liquidation
  • Recycling

Storage Services

  • Short-term or permanent storage
  • Bar-coded inventory management including online client portal
  • Delivery receiving at our warehouse
  • Warehousing and distribution

Post-Move Services

  • Post-move debris & materials pick-up
  • Settle-in with punch list finish
  • Clean outs and maid service
  • Picture hanging and wall mounting

In a nutshell, Big Yellow Express are an all-inclusive package for moving businesses and our track record speaks for itself. The fact that we can dispatch multiple removal crews to different premises at the same time makes us the ideal choice for anyone looking for large-scale office moving. We’ll help you relocate your office safely to any destination in the UK or the EU, all without costing you an arm and a leg.

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Tour Guides and Talks

Herefordshire Tours Eardisland

Marches Tours and Talks provides professional, fully insured Tour Guides offering guided tours for small groups in coaches, cars or on foot around the unspoilt and tranquil Marches area.

Guides can accompany you on introductory excursions covering “a bit of everything” and we can enhance your special interest tours by going into more detail and depth – we can even help you with family history and find the villages where your ancestors lived and died. Several of our guides also offer illustrated talks on a variety of topics.

Find a tour guide in our directory.

Dorstone 1890 to 1990

Dorstone 1890 to 1900 ebook

Through our continuing interest in local history, MT&T; is supporting Dorstone History Society by offering the facility to purchase this excellent 70 page A4 book, which has been out of print for some time.

It was compiled in 1990, by Ernest & June Morgan and the late John Jones with information from many other villagers and gives a wonderful insight into village life through this period.

Read more about the book and download it now.

Hidden Extras Car Audio Tours

Audio Car Tours

For those who prefer to explore alone we also offer you the chance to buy our award winning Audio Car Tours series “Herefordshire’s Hidden Extras”, available to download and play on your MP3 player, iPod or phone.

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